The ICLR/U of G Basement Flood Protection Lab

University of Guelph

Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction


A collaboration between ICLR and the University of Guelph’s School of Engineering has sought to better understand technologies that are applied to control urban flood risk in Canada. This collaboration has specifically emphasized understanding of lot-level (household level) methods of managing flood risk, including interventions such as:

  • Sewer backwater protection
  • Foundation drainage systems
  • Sump pump systems
  • Stormwater infiltration systems (or low-impact development) systems applied at the lot and subdivision scale

The primary intent is to better understand the reliability and efficacy of these measures to control flood risk associated with short-duration, high intensity rainfall flooding in urban areas.

Image of a Flooded Room
Lab Image

Principal Investigators (U of G School of Engineering):
Prof. Andy Binns (main contact):
Prof. Ed McBean
Prof. Bahram Gharabaghi

ICLR project lead:
Dan Sandink: